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​Diet course devised by Studio R

diet personal dance lesson
Price 50 minutes 4 times course 59,360 yen tax included

A diet course that incorporates dance movements within a reasonable range while having fun
We will set a low goal and propose "Don't rebound happily".
We cater for both those with no dance experience and those with experience.

I lost 1.5Kg weight in 1-2 months
While enjoying slowly so as not to rebound
We will go on a diet together to reach your ideal weight.

Incorporating personal dance lessons and dance movements
1. Enjoy aerobic exercise together
2. Core exercises to improve posture
3. Make your usual walking style beautiful and aim to maintain your figure for 10 to 20 years.
4. While having fun as much as possible, I will master the diet, beautiful posture, and how to walk.

Performance-based online diet course
Price 1 month 7,000-13,000 yen

First, tell me your weight, report your weight once a day, and if possible, send me a picture of your meal.
We will objectively look at the quantity and quality of meals and give advice.
・Pay 13,000 yen if you lose 1.5kg
・Payment of 8,000 yen if weight increases by 1kg after losing 1.5kg
・Payment of 7,000 yen if there is no change in weight for one month
・For those who are taking lessons and those who are taking diet personal dance lessons
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