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2022/11  栃木 SELECTION Vol.2

栃木セレクションVol.2 TOCHIGI Celebrity「芸術の世界で活躍するセレブたち。

2019/6  TV drama TV Asahi "Funny detective special"

Rumi Yanase did ballroom dance instruction and choreography for "Funny detective special".
​ Ballroom dance department supervised by StudioR & shooting Sendagaya head office.

2018/4/20  Cartier Party 

Ryo Tanaka and Shinobu Irie collaborated as Viennese Waltz lecturers and dancers at Cartier's party.


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2018/1/25.26  Asuka Cruise

Ryo Tanaka and Shinobu Irie appeared at the event "Asuka Cruise NEXT".

2017/5  HILLS LIFE

Advertised on HILLS LIEF!

2016/4/1 MSS'J CM MOVIE supervised & starring Shinobu Irie and Ryo Tanaka

2015/10/3 Suntory Hall Opening Festa

Tanaka, Irie and Shiojima at the Suntory Hall Opening Festa.We cooperated with lectures, professional shows, and magazine coverage.A studio customer was selected as the best stylist award. Congratulations.

2015/8   Tanaka supervised and appeared in the dance scene of the public lottery commercial for Mizuho Bank.

2015/9/20  Suntory Hall Opening Festa

Tanaka and Irie at Suntory Hall Opening FestaWe cooperated with the pro show.

2013/10   Suntory Hall Opening Festa

Wiener Waltz at Suntory Hall Opening Festagave a lecture.


Tanaka and Irie give a professional show and lecture at the HERMES partyI did.

2013/9   Fuji TV Drama

Studio R supervised the dance scene of Fuji TV drama Umi no Ue no Shinryosho.

2012/10   film festival

The Masayuki Suo Film Festival, which directed the movie "Shall we Dance?"

2012/9  NHK program

NHK general program DEEPPEOPLE was filmed at Sendagaya Studio.

2012/3  fashion magazine story

In the May issue of fashion magazine STORY, a photo of a customer and a teacher dancing was published.

2012/3  Fuji Television Mystery Solving After Dinner

Studio R supervised the dance scene after dinner in the mystery solving, which is being broadcast on Fuji TV from 21:00 on Tuesdays, starring Arashi's Sho Sakurai and Keiko Kitagawa.

2011/3 "HILLS LIFE"

The front and back covers of "HILLS LIFE" published in March 2011 were decorated by Studio R representatives "Ryo Tanaka and Shinobu Irie".

2011/6 CM shooting

A commercial for California Raisins was shot at a studio in Sendagaya.

2010/10 CM shooting

The promotional video for Gospellers' single "Fuyukyo", which will be released on November 3rd, was filmed at the Sendagaya flagship store! Choreography supervision, Ryo Tanaka

2010/5  NHK information program

The staff choreographed and appeared in the NHK Yudoki Network special feature "Bridal Master" [Platine Wedding ~Banquet Ball at the Opera House~].

2010/2  program

The staff appeared in the TOKYOMX TV "Bakajikara" skit on February 1st.

2009/9  TVCM

Ryo Tanaka and Shinobu Irie appeared and directed ballroom dancing in the TV commercial for "Pachi & Sloth Capture Navi".
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