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4/24 (Sun) Spring Dance Party
8/7 (Sun)Summer Dance Party
12/11 (Sun)Winter Dance Party

Place Hills Club Time 18:30- (planned)



Date: Scheduled for summer 2022
Location: Hills Club Club Room I 
Dress Code: Formal & Black Tie
*Comes with a free drink and dinner

​A special dance night with you...
Why don't you spend a special and exciting time with a wonderful professional dancer while enjoying the night view in formal attire?

Fee (tentative)

1 person participation 66,000 yen(tax included)
About 1 professional dancer is attached to 1 customer.

When customers bring their own professional dancers
23,000 yen per person(tax included)
Please purchase a party ticket for you and a professional dancer.
For attendance fees for professional dancers, please consult with the dancers.
You can only dance with your professional dancer.
​For details, please contact StudioR (Tanaka) from a professional dancer.

*Cancellation after reservation is not accepted.
*Payment is cash only


MSS'J CM MOVIE supervised & starring Shinobu Irie and Ryo Tanaka


Tanaka supervised and appeared in the dance scene of Mizuho Bank's public lottery commercial.

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